Tower Bridge

Designing within the Heritage Context

Tower Bridge Road

Tower Bridge Road.jpg


The observations quoted in the Bermondsey Street Conservation Area Appraisal document informed the approach that we took towards the development of
our proposal for the two sites. Within the context of the Bermondsey Street conservation area 55 & 57 Tower Bridge Road are indeed very interesting sites. They retain their historic plots dating back to c. 1800. They are long - almost 35m in depth – with very narrow street frontages – approximately 4.5m - much like

the mediaeval sites on Grange Lane, Bermondsey Street and elsewhere within the conservation area. In contrast to the sites on Bermondsey Street and Grange Lane, 55 & 57 are situated on a very broad avenue that links south-east London with the City, a location that, by its very nature, is ‘metropolitan’ in scale. The strategy that we adopted for the development of 55 & 57 was therefore to pay homage to the small warehouse developments of the conservation area while
at the same time acknowledging the two sites’ prominent position on a gateway boulevard to and from the City of London.

Our strategy was therefore to:
1. Respect the memory of the historic plot
2. Reinforce the larger urban context
3. Re-establish the continuity of the historic shop front 4. Reference and contribute to the rhythm of the street